A glamping experience to watch the stars.

#Horizon88 #GlampOnTheMoon

Horizon 88 glamping is in the moon, that’s true… but luckily you can visit it in Salamanca because it is actually a stand at CasaDecor 2020.

Horizon 88 is a space designed by the strategic interior studio Wanna for Formica Group, which creates awareness of the light pollution and the night sky’s deterioration.

An unforgettable lunar experience

The craters are right within your reach thanks to the spectacular lunar landscape shown by MDJ Kuu, the exclusive laminate created together with Formica Group and the famous American artist Mathew Day Jackson for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11’s landing on the moon.

This laminate replicates at a small scale the hidden face of the moon, based on the images of NASA’s lunar reconnaissance orbiter.

The decorative laminates of Formica® are coming with us to this lunar journey that, as any good glamping experience would, offers the best comfort while respecting the environment. The laminates overlay the satellite’s topography, they cover the starry sky, the interior and exterior of the lunar capsule and the furniture on the inside. The laminates have surprisingly rich endings that allow creating scenery full of fascinating nuances and contrasts.

You will be able to walk on the lunar surface and watch the constellations shown on the digitalized Younique® panels, also from Formica Group.

Craters are within your reach as well as one of the biggest enigmas of our satellite:

What do you hear on the moon?

The musicologist RIGO PEX, who has composed the landscape sounds experimented on #Horizon88, has the answer to this question.

Rigo, also known as MENEO on the music festival’s circuits, is a musicologist, performer and a radical host who invented the word “electropical” to describe his particular mix of electronic music and traditional Latino rythms such as the cumbia, merengue or the bolero. He also experiments with Iberian styles in his project PEINETTA.

For the Horizon88 lunar glamping, Rigo has created a unique sound environment of 3 sound moves that last 1-minute each:

  • Stratospheric looping sounds
  • Heavenly vowels without harmony
  • Playful melodies with special effects

A relaxing and chilling environment to enjoy a lunar experience because: there is some stuff going on in the moon!

As many astronauts have stated, isolation and diving into the unknown may cause severe mood swings to stellar travelers. Because of this, the interior of the private and personal capsule has been designed in order to make you feel safe and supported all the time. The design will make you feel tranquility and it will sooth the dizziness that you might feel when “being up there”.

The interior of the capsule has been reduced to the minimum expression so that it doesn’t have a construction impact on the lunar surface. It’s minimalist and distilled design seeks to minimize the exportation of furniture and materials to the Moon. But in spite of this, the capsule has everything you need to enjoy an exquisite and individual stay: a resting space with a bay window to the galaxy, a dressing room and a bathroom. After all, like the veteran astronaut John E. Blaha once said: ”look: this is your new planet, you must enjoy it at all costs”.


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