Since the beginning of time, human beings have always raised their gaze to the firmament to seek guidance, answers, and to remember our place in the universe. But nowadays, a third of us live without even seeing the Milky Way.

Has the time come to reclaim our inalienable right to a pure sky?

If this planet keeps erasing our constellations, we will leave. And we will sit under the Moon’s dark sky to admire its stars.

Welcome to HORIZON88

Formica and Wanna’s lunar glamping

#Horizon88 #GlampOnTheMoon

Admiring the stars is our inalienable right which we shouldn’t give up. The sky has been part of our emotional geography since we stood up and started to walk. During millennia, the stars have guided our paths through land and sea. They made us aware about immensity and distance. They awoke questions that are still unanswered.

We can’t settle for a life without stars. The night sky belongs to us. We must recover the pleasure and happiness of watching it, at all costs.

Our satellite becomes the perfect destination for stellar travels. It’s a family place. You just have to look up to the sky and there it is, growing and waning while it turns around us. However, these stellar travels can’t be like the land ones.

Tourism is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. Because of this we must redesign travelling so that the stellar travellers can enjoy a unique experience in constant connection with the natural moon environment, while being responsible. This is why we have designed a glamping (glamorous camping) experience. Nature’s close-up with the best hotel services and facilities.

Astronomers have officially recognised 88 constellations throughout the sky. There are 14 men and women, 9 birds, 2 insects, 19 land animals, 10 water creatures, 2 centaurs, one head, one snake, one dragon, one flying horse, one river and 29 unanimated objects. All of these imagined silhouettes started to be categorised in the II century BC by the astronomer, geographer and mathematician Claudio Ptolomeo. Constellations help us know which star is the one we are looking at. However nowadays, every time we look up to the night sky, we find ourselves totally disoriented.

The good news is that from the lunar glamping, the night horizon amplifies and clears itself. The constellations finally rise before our eyes so that we can clearly locate them and, why not, even invent our own figures with all those shiny dots.  

Would you be able to identify the 88 constellations?






Ursa Major

Ursa Minor




South Cross


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You can get a two-night stay for two people in a Bubble Room of the hotel  @airedebardenas, a unique glamping experience in our country.

If you’ve had the opportunity to visit the lunar glamping of @formicagroupeu in CasaDecor, upload the photos you took and enter our competition. If you haven’t already, you’ll hopefully be able to do it very soon.

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